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Pastoral Ministry

class Syllabus

This course is designed for those who are called to the Pastorship.

Students learn how  to effectively lead, shepherd and train leader and build new believers.  How to identify leaders, how to maintain effective time management, Budgeting, Building a ministry, etc.


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Church Administration  is concepts of leadership applied to the organization of the local church, with special emphasis given to the work and relationship of the pastor and church staff, and to the administrative structure and function of the church.

This course has been developed to help to train and educated leaders in the various offices and helps ministries in the church.  Creating order and mission oriented Leaders

- What is the Mission?

- What is the Organization?

- Leadership styles, congregational Leaders

- Working with people, decision making and problem solving

- Planning

- Church Organization and Leadership Functions

-  Financial Stewardship

Learn ho
Intercessory Prayer

This class teaching on the power and types of Prayer.  Helping the Student to develop a deeper Prayer life, prayer teams and tap into the supernatural of God.


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Learn the operations and purpose of the Ministry gift of the Apostle. 

Are you a:

* Marketplace Apostolic?

APOSTOLIC MINISTRY - APM001267 (prerequsites: Spiritual Gifts, Ministry Gifts, The Leadership Style of Jesus)

This course has been developed to help to identify the ministry gift of the Apostle, the different types of Apostles, and the function and Spiritual gifts of the Apostle.  A student that has registered for this course of  study may also be required to take the following classes for the advanced course:

- Write the Vision

- Pioneering a Kingdom Ministry/ Church Planting

- The Mandate

- Church Administration

- Spiritual Warfare & Deliverance

- Strategic Mapping

School of Prophetic Ministry

Designed to Mentor and train emerging Prophets and Prophetic people to hear with clarity, speak and operate in the timing and order of God and be a blessing to the Kingdom of God.

There will be a brief overview of the ministry gift offices, and the 9 spiritual gifts to remind and RE familiarize you with those given by the Holy Spirit.

We will also study the major and minor Prophets of the Bible as well as prophetic protocol, etc.

This course is designed to open the and birth students that are called into the Prophetic Ministry.


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Learn how to lead any ministry or organization with the character and principles of Jesus, creating a lasting impression.

Leadership Development

This course has been developed to help those called to Pastoral , Prophetic, Apostolic, Evangelistic Ministry and other leadership positions to assist them in leading, empowering and raising up leaders to make an impact in the earth for the Kingdom of God.


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This course is designed to help the student examine and learn to identify the Spiritual gifts given to the body of Christ.  At the conclusion of class, all student shoud be able to identify their distinct giftis and operation in the church.


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This course serves as an introduction to Christian Counseling and helping ministry with special attention given to tough issues that pain today's generations, the modern day search for answers, and the biblical basis for a counseling ministry.


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This course is designed to help the student examine and learn to identify the five- fold ministry gifts given to the body of Christ. At the conclusion of this class, all students should be able to identify their distinct callings and operations in the Church.


This Class helps to train the student in the Ministry of Deliverance, building a deliverance team, having a close intimate relationship with Holy Spirit, self deliverance, demonology, etc.


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This is a study in the development and application of the Biblical/ Christian Worldview.  This course will include an introduction and application of critical thinking skills, as well as a study of religious and philisophical worldviews, the nature of tolerence and basic apologetic methodology.


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This survey course is designed to lay a foundational understanding of scripture via a historical survey of the old and new Testaments.  The student will engage a range of learning activities related to the issues interacting with biblical literature, basic hermeneutical principles, key themes and persons of the canon, and the redemptive theme of scripture.

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