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Who We Are

Here at Kingdom Empowerment Ministry Institute we are very passionate about the people of God, walking in their true identity, power and authority as they operate within the calling and the gifts given by God.

KEMI is ETA certified Five-fold School of Ministry. This is a vision to teach and train all of Gods people that are believers the things necessary to help them become the Ministry gifts, and operate in the Spiritual gifts he called them to be.

We desire to help as many as we can by providing not just class work but practical application as well as impartation.  These classes will not only help those who are called to ministry but others who desire a deeper understanding about all aspects of ministry including, Music, worship, writing, Preaching and Preparing a sermon, dance ministry, armor bearer ministry, prayer ministry, helps etc. Inside our class rooms the students will have the freedom to exercise the gifts they have recognized inside themselves that they may gain wisdom and knowledge of who they are in a safe environment  or in the safety of their own home.
KEMI was founded in Dec. 2010 by then Minister Michelle Ragland and was first implemented as a teleconference and correspondence training school. By December 2011 the first on campus classes came into manifestation at the Kingdom Restorers' Ministry International location at 111 W. Franklin Street Warrenton, NC 27589 with approximately 6 students registered.

Interested in becoming a KEMI student?  contact us for more information. You can also contact us to get in touch with OUR enrollment specialist who can help you create a plan for your educational success.

Thank you for contacting us. Some one will contact you within 24-48 hours of receiving this inquiry!
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Using Email
Your instructor will communicate with you via your KEMI email address. Use only that address when contacting your instructor or classmates, and check your webmail inbox frequently inorder to stay abreast of news and progress within your course. DO NOT turn in your assignments by email.When creating a message to your instructor, identify your course and section in the subject line. Use the following model: COUR ### - semester + section (for example: COMS 101 - spring certificate) Be sure to include your name and student ID at the end of your email message.(Your student Id is your DOB) 

Communication within Course

While email may be utilized for casual communication, graded class discussions and group collaboration are conducted inside the discussion board tool of your Blackboard course. Since this also is the primary place for making impressions both socially and academically, create messages that convey you at your best. Proper netiquette can help you be successful. Netiquette, or network etiquette, refers to the generally accepted rules for considerate behavior in online communications.

Some tips to keep in mind:

1. Spend time crafting your message. This is not a text-messaging environment for quick,abbreviated conversation; it is a place for the exchange of academic knowledge. Use wordsthat contribute to this purpose in a professional, concise manner.
2. Be sure to check your words for correct spelling and grammar. Do not write in all capitalletters: it’s rude. Be sparing with your use of font weights like bold, italics, and underline.
3. Basic courtesy goes a long way to a good online experience. Respond politely andpromptly, be patient, and appreciate differences. No vulgar, sexist, racist, biased, or otherobjectionable language will be tolerated.
4. Valid criticism is acceptably expressed in the form of thoughtful alternatives. Do not insultor “flame” others.
5. Respect one another’s privacy. Do not share e-mail addresses without permission. Do notallow anyone from outside the course to access the discussions without the previouspermission of the instructor and all other group members.
6. Be careful about sharing your own personal information, especially usernames and passwords.

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